fisheye installation

installation instructions for fisheye adapters with bayonet mount

Some fisheye lenses feature a so called bayonet mount system. Follow these instructions to properly install such a fisheye on your camera:

  1. Take the rear lens cap off.

  2. Rotate the adapter halves until the yellow dots are next to each other.

  3. Firmly push the fisheye on the camera with the yellow dots in 12 o’clock position.

  4. Rotate the fisheye adapter 45° clockwise until a mechanical stop will prevent the rear half to rotate further.

  5. From this point rotate only the front part of the fisheye lens (the yellow dots will seperate) until it is firmly locked – however there is no second stop mechanism!

  6. Go the opposite way to remove the fisheye from your camera.

  7. In case the lens shade is not centered (its widest sections need to be at top and bottom) vignetting may occur. To center the shade you need to loosen the six screws, adjust the shade and retighten all screws.

  8. When you are not using your fisheye you should always put the lens caps back on to protect the lens from dirt and scratches.