skateboard grip tape

Skateboard grip tape is self-adhesive sandpaper glued on top of the skateboard deck to improve the rider’s control. Skateboard griptape is quiet resistant and doesn’t wear down as fast as normal sandpaper. Without skate grip most skateboard tricks wouldn’t be possible! Applying skateboard griptape to a deck is the first – and probably most difficult – step when setting up a skateboard and hence covered in an extra tutorial.

Some skateboard grip tape manufacturers sell colored skateboard griptape or skate grip with pre-printed pictures. It’s purely a matter of taste though nothing beats the good old black tape!

Skate grip comes in different grains which means the grit of the sandpaper varies slightly from fine to rough.

The latest skateboard grip tape innovation: Tiny holes avoid air bubbles when applying the skateboard griptape to the skateboard deck.