filmerboard setup

skateboard filmerboard set-up

Most skateboard filmers just use a slightly wider (over 8″) and longer (around 32″) old deck. If you film heaps of lines at night you might paint the edges of your filmerboard white for better visibility. And painting the bottom white saves you the extra piece of paper for the white balance…
Ride loose trucks or trucks with soft bushings that turn easily.
The wheels are the most important thing on a filmerboard setup: Get some longboard wheels or even old roller-skating wheels with a large diameter (between 60mm and 75mm) and a soft durometer (between 78A and 85A). Such wheels make your filming skateboard faster, reduce its noise and prevent breaking your video camera when you hit a little rock.
To avoid wheelbite and sudden slams mount hard plastic riserpads between your filming skateboard and the trucks.
Because of the riserpads you will need 1″ or 1 1/4″ mounting bolts for your filmerboard setup.
It’s also worth investing in fast bearings to follow even Busenitz-style-lines.

Learn how to take sudden slams rolling off on your shoulder and back with your video camera high up in the air…
Wear old shoes and brake with their soles.