pizza hands

bruises and grazes on the thenars – “pizza hands”

Bruises of the ball of the thumb are probably one of the most frequent injuries in skateboarding (well, usually you can be glad if you could break your fall with the hands). If you have landed on loose chippings or rough ground, the hands are often not only bruised, but also grazed bloody – thus they are often called “pizza hands”. At the latest if you fall on that hand again it really hurts!

If you have grazed your hands, you should rinse them first with clean, cold water. Then you should remove the little stones and the mud with a clean tissue – always clean in direction of the fingers! If you clean to the forearm, you push the dirt even deeper under the skin!

There is often an internal bleeding under the graze and also the nerve and muscular tissue can be injured. Here helps arnica cream which you can buy in every drugstore. Arnica stimulates the white blood cells, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You should massage the cream into the heel of hand quite carefully every few hours.

Otherwise you should treat the hand with care – so don’t skate for a few days, visit your grandma and read a good book.