riser pads

skateboard riser pads

Skateboard riser pads (aka spacepads, shockpads or stackpads) can be mounted between the skateboard deck and the skateboard trucks and come in two different styles:

RISERPADS are made of hard plastic and enable more distance between the deck and the wheels avoiding so called “wheelbite”: This happens when the wheels rub the bottom of the deck on sharp turns or high-impact landings causing the board to stop very suddenly.

SHOCKPADS are made of rubber and besides preventing wheelbite they absorb shock and relieve stress from the trucks, which keeps the skateboard deck from splittering. The soft shockpads also prevent mounting bolts vibrating loose on rough street surfaces.

Skateboard riser pads are not mandatory but strongly suggested if you ride wheels larger than about 55mm. Skateboard riser pads and shockpads come in thicknesses of 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and ½ inch. Which skateboard riser pad to choose depends on the size of your wheels and the height and looseness of your trucks – though the thickest skate risers are usually meant for longboards and cruiserboards.