clean griptape

how to clean skateboard griptape

Brandnew deck in winter, first session at a dirty streetspot and the new skateboard griptape looks like you have just returned from a safari?

Now you don’t want to buy a new skateboard griptape at once (not talking about a new deck)… Hence a little how to clean your skateboard griptape:

Scrub your not so clean skateboard griptape carefully with a brush (a tooth brush in a pinch) and warm water you have put some soap or dish detergent in. Don’t use too much water and don’t get any of it near trucks, bearings or possible cracks in your deck! Then put some old towel or shirt on your wet but clean griptape and step on it until the fabric has soaked up all wetness. Like this you avoid some ugly spotting. You can also clean really persistent dirt with vinegar. And chewing gum can be carefully scratched off with a nail…