wrist guards

skate wrist guards & skateboard gloves

Basically you have three different designs for skate wrist guards respectively skateboard gloves:
Pure skate wrist guards with short splints - hard pieces on the front and sometimes back of the wristguards - for straight wrist protection.
Skate wrist guards with longer splints curving from your wrist into your palm. 
Short-finger skateboard gloves with integrated wrist pads - offering the maximum protection against injury.

Skateboarding wrist guards / skateboard gloves can be made of synthetic fiber or leather. The splints are usually made of metal, hard plastic, carbon fiber or hard foam. Hard plastic splints are more flexible however not as strong as metal splints. With some skateboard wrist guards the splints can be replaced. 

In conclusion good skateboarding wrist guards and skate gloves should perfectly fit and protect your wrist/hand without limiting your movement to much.