skateboard bolts (the original skateboard hardware)

The skateboard deck and the 2 skateboard trucks are screwed together with 8 skateboard bolts and 8 skateboard nuts.


There are 3 different skate hardware bolt head variations:

  • allen (hexagon socket)skateboard_mounting_bolts
  • phillips (cross slot)
  • self-locking (special bolt heads which are hammered into the deck and screwed from the bottom)

From experience allen skateboard bolts can be used the longest (if you don’t loose the allen key!) because phillips bolt heads and self-locking skate hardware wears out quickly.


Skateboard hardware is measured in inches: Choose a skate hardware length of 7/8″ if you don’t use riserpads, 1″ if you use thin risers and 1 1/4″ if you ride thicker stackpads.


Nowadays skateboard hardware is available in all colours of the rainbow – though black has some tradition. Innovative skateboard hardware sets come with 2 colored and 6 black skateboard bolts making it easier to distinguish the skatboard’s nose and tail.


Standard skateboard nuts are 10 mm wide and a small plastic ring prevents the skate nuts to loosen and fall off due to the vibrations during skateboarding.